International Marketing

When marketing overseas, it’s important to understand the cultural differences in business practices, financial dealings and personal customs. BNS has extensive knowledge and experience in overseas cultures, especially in the Middle East Region. This experience helps clients’ of BNS make an aggressive and successful international marketing campaign. As a strategic research partner, BNS helps turn research into action into increased revenue.

Financial Due Diligence

BNS provides financial due diligence services for businesses who want to strengthen the core financial strength of their company or gain perspective on future business partners and assets. BNS provides services that will enhance a business’ understanding of finances overseas and assesses products, services or institutions to ensure its value meets clients’ expectations.

Marketing Research

Research is the first step toward creating a successful marketing campaign. By taking a personal approach, BNS is able to develop and administer qualitative or quantitative studies to find, first, if a product or service is marketable and second, how it can be marketed successfully in a specific culture. Whether through phone questionnaires, written questionnaires, observation or other any other kind of research, the confidential and comprehensive fashion in which BNS approaches research empowers clients to make sound choices with their product or service.

Brand Development

While a brand may be well-known and respected in its home culture, overseas brand development will take a different plan of action. Through our extensive research process, BNS determines a successful market for a product or service and develops an effective branding strategy to initiate through appropriate forms of advertising. BNS knows a message needs to be culturally specific, unique and relevant to cut through the noise and gain a competitive edge.