About Us

Business Navigational Solutions (BNS) believes that experience is the key to knowledge. With many years’ experience in the global market place, BNS provides insight and analysis based on data, observation and familiarity.

BNS follows a three step process to ensure a thorough and successful outcome. First, BNS management will meet with clients one-on-one to discuss goals and learn about the services and/or product they offer. Second, BNS develops a solution based on a client’s specific goals that is customized for a specific culture. Third, BNS reviews and educates clients on research findings, offering business consultation based on the study’s outcome.

All services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed, as BNS is confident in their ability to leverage their expertise into generating clients’ growth and revenue through business development, market development, market intelligence, industrial sector analysis and sales assistance.

With many year experience in the Middle East region, Founder and CEO Christian Olson is especially passionate about helping people effectively market to the Middle East, including Cairo, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, to name a few. As a former overseas student, manager of a large corporation and financial advisor, he brings an impressive resume of contacts and experience to help clients achieve international marketing success.